DateDayLocationMatch #1Match #2

Feb 28th      FridayLexington  15001500 Snowman Match
Mar 8th Saturday    Sumter     Service    1500
Mar 19th       Wednesday       Sumter     1500       1500
Apr 2nd        Wednesday        Sumter    1500 Distinguished
Apr 12thSaturday    Lexington        15001500
Apr 17thThursday    RCSD     Service    1500
Apr 23rdWednesdaySumter    Service    1500
April 28th      Monday      Charleston      1500 Reg. Practice

May 1stThursday     Charleston      1500        Practice & Shotgun
May 2, 3       Friday-Saturday  Charleston         REGIONAL 
May 16th      Friday         Charleston      Service     1500
May 17th      Saturday     LexingtonService     1500
May 21st      Wednesday        Sumter    1500 1500
May 24th      Saturday            CJA                        Service                    1500

June 5thThursday     RCSD    1500 1500
June 7thSaturday     CJA Service     1500
June 14th      Saturday     Sumter           1500 1500
June 21st      Saturday             Lexington               1500                       Distinguished

July 9th Wednesday Sumter    1500Distinguished
July 10thThursday    Charleston       Service    1500

Aug 7th  Thursday    Charleston       1500        1500
Aug 8th  Friday        RCSD              Service    1500
Aug 29thFriday Lexington Old School Service 1500

Sep 4th  Thursday    Sumter    1500 1500
Sep 6th  Saturday    CJA 1500 1500

Sep 14th – 18th    NPSCAlbuquerque NM

Oct 4th   Saturday     CJA1500Practice
Oct 11th  State Championship   CJAService,        1500,      Distinguished 


You will be required to wear your current duty gear and issued duty weapon.  If you are retired,
you may wear what is currently worn by your agency or same type weapon you retired with. You will not be allowed to smoke or blacken your sights.